The Nobel Prize-winning Science-based Solution to Make Your Weight Loss Resolution a Reality

Are you making the same resolution that you made last year? Or the year before, or before that? If so, you are in the majority. Now let’s move beyond guilt and get to a solution to make your resolution a reality.

There is little point in being told what you already know. Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know the basics: cut sugar out of your diet, reduce fat, avoid processed foods and exercise more. But do you really know the nutritional values in what you are eating or the glycemic index of what you think is healthy? Do you have any idea how many calories you are consuming each day? Unless you have a customized meal plan that is designed by a conscious* nutritionist or you are so incredibly disciplined that you weigh and measure everything you consume, look up the nutritional value and record it at the time you are consuming it (tallying it at the end of the day has proven to be very inaccurate) you are flying blind. And do you really know which is better – cardio or weight training? That’s a trick question. And how much physical activity you have to do, the intensity and frequency to get the best results?

Let’s say you join a nationally recognized weight loss or fitness program or have a customized meal plan created for you and you join a gym, how compliant do you think you will be? How long will you be able to use willpower to sustain your new habits? And if you reach your goal, will you keep the weight off forever?

Perhaps you will be among the three (3%) percent of the population in this country that is successful at reaching your goal-weight and maintaining it for the rest of your life.

Why are these statistics so dismal? Two words: neuronal connections.

Watch this 2-minute “explainer” video here to understand why change is so hard and how Neuro Weight Loss Coaching makes“Weight Loss So Easy it will Blow Your Mind!”

Neuro Coaching, named after Neuroplasticity – the Nobel Prize winning discovery in neuroscience that proves we can change our brains in adulthood to live better lives. It is the key to easy and permanent weight loss. It does not matter how many times you have tried and failed in the past because you did not have this new science in your tool kit.

Schedule a consultation, please contact Sunnie Brooks at 561-386-1990 or email Website:

Glossary: *conscious nutritionist – referring to a nutritionist that has the depth of knowledge to design the healthiest, most energizing organic food plan for you and is not influenced by the USDA (the same government body that brought you aspartame) that publishes the “food pyramid” which supports big agra which merged with big-chem which originated in Hitler’s Germany for chemical warfare.

Suggested reading: Wheat Belly by best-selling author and cardiologist Dr. William Davis.

Call today for more information at 561-386-1990 or email

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