Hurricanes and Your Waistline!

Hurricanes are the perfect storm for weight gain. If you are a sister Floridian, you know the drill: first, run around for a week preparing for loss of power. Then, skip workouts so you can stock up on non-perishables and spend hours in long lines waiting for water deliveries, banking,  gas, batteries and materials at Home Depot or Lowes.  And those “non-perishables” that authorities are advising you to buy are typically high fat, high sodium junk foods or canned foods,  and sugary items such as peanut butter and jelly.  So if you felt like you were going crazy, it was not only because you were trapped inside your home, getting perhaps too much family togetherness or that you lost your power and needed a flashlight just to go to the bathroom or that you were constantly sweating from the heat and humidity and didn’t have access to your electronics. Even without all of that, just the food you were consuming could cause unusual spikes in your glucose levels and blood pressure, along with constipation from low water content and fiber that you would get in fruits and veggies. Throw in withdrawals from the endorphins you normally get from exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and you have the perfect storm for weight gain and a brain that is producing stress hormones.

In my tip sheet: 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise, I explain how lack of restful sleep can cause weight gain.  In addition, not drinking enough water can cause your body to hold weight.   And the uncertainty of not knowing when you or anyone else will get their electricity back only fuels your anxiety and boredom which can trigger old patterns of using food as a crutch to cope. Past and present clients in the Neuro Weight Loss Coaching program have tools they can use to prevent backsliding into old habits under any conditions.

If you have dared to get on the scale since Irma, do not be too alarmed if you gained weight. A lot of it can be water weight because of the high sodium in the typical “non-perishable” foods. And dehydration can cause the body to hold water also, as a survival mechanism.

Moving forward, drink as much water as possible, get plenty of rest and be sure to get back to your normal workout or sports routine as quickly as possible. Just be sure to be gentle with yourself. We have all been through a traumatic event.

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