Are You Ever on “Auto-Eat”?



Have you ever sat down in front of the TV or computer with a bag of chips or cookies and the next thing you know you are scraping the crumbs from the bottom of the bag? Did you taste the first one but don’t remember eating the rest of them?

We call this auto-pilot or in psychological terms: a fugue state. Like when you think you put the milk back in the fridge but you put it in the freezer or the cabinet without realizing it. If you lose things all the time, you are experiencing a lot of these fugue moments.

These are moments when you are not “present”. Your mind is consumed by something other than what you are doing and where you are and all the sensations that go along with attention on the present moment. This can happen when your mind perceives a problem and it keeps going over and over it trying to come up with a solution. Sometimes you keep replaying a conversation or argument you had with someone. Or perhaps your mind is planning the busy day ahead.

While moments like these are normal, too many of them can wreak havoc with your life from losing valuables, to getting into accidents to overeating on a regular basis, and even turning to food to “chew” on things in your mind. Some of my clients before enrolling in Neuro Weight Loss Coaching, would get up at night and sit at the table crunching on foods when feeling frustrated or angry or eat ice cream for its soothing texture if they were depressed or felt lonely.


There are ways to train your mind so that you are more aware, more focused, and more intentional in your actions. This state of awareness of your present experience is called Mindfulness.

When it comes to food, there are mindful eating practices which are helpful along with a daily practice of mindfulness meditation.


Your moments are richer and fuller and you do not feel like you are always in a rush. Your stress levels go down, and scientific data shows with regular practice, that it can lower heart rate, blood pressure, reduce anxiety and help manage chronic pain, just to name a few benefits.

And when it comes to eating, you feel like you have actually eaten something – because you have – and your mind and body are communicating with each other. And food tastes better! You feel full faster and you eat less.  Your digestion improves because you are not swallowing air and your food has a chance to be broken down by the enzymes in your mouth and stomach.


If you would like to listen to an audio of how to experience Mindful Eating send an email to: with Mindful Eating in the subject line and you will be sent an mp3 download for free! Or Follow my blog at: Think Like A Skinny Bitch

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Sunnie Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Neuro Weight Loss Coaching, LLC – an exclusive, groundbreaking program backed by the latest research in neuroscience that makes it easy for overweight individuals to change their habits by creating new neuronal connections to get thin, fit and healthy and stay that way without depending on willpower.


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