How to Make Affirmations Work

Some people might say “I tried affirmations but they didn’t work”. The problem is that most people are either never told how to use them properly or they do not follow through with consistency over time.

The theory behind using affirmations to accomplish a change in your life is that the mind is our computer and will create whatever we feed into it as programmers. Our thoughts affect everything in our life. For example, when you think worrisome or fearful thoughts your body may respond with shallow breaths, faster heart rate, sweating, shakiness, even nausea and vomiting or diarrhea. It does not matter whether the thing we fear is real or not, if we are thinking those thoughts strongly enough, then the body responds by releasing adrenaline to prepare us for fight or flight. If we have prolonged fear and worry, our body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that damages the body…and can even prevent some people from losing weight.


Before listening to the audio program that you will receive for free just for subscribing to (following) this blog, please keep in mind the following advice regarding the use of affirmations.

Key things to keep in mind to make affirmations work:

  • The statements must be stated in the positive (affirmative).
  • If you say I will not overeat, the brain focuses on “overeat” which is a much more powerful word than “not”. Therefore, it is better to say: “I eat only until I am almost full, then I stop eating. I feel satisfied by less food.”
  • Statements must be in the present, not the future. For example: I am slim, fit and healthy is much better than saying I will be slim, fit and healthy. Because the future tense means it has not happened yet and that is what you will get: something that has not happened yet.
  • Two of the most powerful words you can say are: I AM. Your whole being listens to the words I AM and will go about making that a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you say I am lazy, then guess what, you will have less energy. If you say I feel great or I feel more energy after I exercise, that is what you will get.
  • Do not let your mind, which is the gatekeeper of anything new or different, talk you out of your positive affirmations. Human nature, dislikes change, it fears what it may not be able to control such as something looming in the future. For survival reasons, humans tend to hang on to their present conditions because it is familiar and they have survived this far this way, even if those conditions are less than ideal.
  • Be aware of the little voice (or loud voice) of doubt, ridicule or fear that comes up when you state your affirmations. For example, in the beginning, when you say the affirmation, “I have a beautiful body” your critical mind might say “yeah right!” just smile and persevere with your affirmations.  Remember, you are training your brain in order to change your behaviors and shape your body. And all training requires REPETITION, CONSISTENCY AND PERSISTENCE.

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