Love Your Way to Thinness

Love Yourself

Love yourself enough to explore an easier way to getting thin, energized and healthy. It’s based on neuroscience so you can’t fail!

It is common to believe that if you admonish yourself and feel guilty or worthless because you, for example, over-ate or didn’t exercise again today that it is going to make you behave differently tomorrow. Let me ask you:  “how is that working for ya?” Have you ever considered a different approach?

For example, think of someone you love. Would you ever speak to them the way you speak to yourself? Do you berate your beloved the way you berate yourself when you have fallen off your path to getting slim and staying there?

If you were to take a more loving approach to yourself and think things like: today I am going to show myself all the love I can by… eating nourishing food or going for a walk in a beautiful environment, you would have a greater chance of fulfilling that reality vs.  saying to yourself: I am a fat pig and I will never lose weight or be able to keep it off, which is usually followed by the thought, so why even try…and then resignation sets in. How awful are those feelings?  Imagine what it would feel like if you could feel happy and lose weight at the same time and keep it off forever?

Sound like a pipe dream? You CAN live a happier life by getting into the shape you want without feeling like you have to force yourself.

But, you say, this is just how I am. It always happens this way no matter how many diets I try or how many clubs or gyms I join. Sound familiar? If you are a seasoned dieter and your weight yo-yos up and down the scale and back up again it is NOT because you don’t know what to do – it is because your brain’s neurons have created connections that have hard-wired from years of experience, and beliefs you have about yourself and what is possible, many of which are at the subconscious level, meaning you may not be aware of all of the programming that is driving your behaviors.

So how do you get out of this trap?  The obvious answer is to do something different. That is the only way you will get a different result. They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing something the same way and expecting a different result. The good news is that with the discovery of neuroplasticity-meaning the brain can be changed, this means your thoughts and habits can be changed and you will get your desired outcome.

And no, it doesn’t involve being hooked up to wires. It involves practicing new thoughts that lead to new behaviors which turn into habits – things you do automatically without having to think about it.

To learn how to achieve this result, contact Neuro Weight Loss Coaching for a free discovery session. You will be amazed and inspired by how easy it is to change when you learn the right techniques and receive expert coaching to reinforce these new thoughts and new ways that will bring you the result you want.

…And the absolute best part is there’s NO willpower required!

Call today for more information. 561-386-1990. Or email


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