Are You Hungry For Something Else In Your Life?

Woman having a late night snack

Raiding the Fridge at Night

Waking up in the night with cravings can indicate that there is something you are not dealing with. Something that is easier for you to ignore during the day with all the activity, “busyness” and distractions. At night, our subconscious mind (that programming we are not aware of) becomes more free because our conscious (waking awareness) mind is asleep. When you wake up at night, or can’t go to sleep unless you eat something this is often a cause for weight gain.  Let’s face it, how often do you get up in the night to eat a salad? It’s typically a food that causes a cascade of “happy hormones” like chocolate, the same hormones that get released during an orgasm¹.

Waking during the night can easily become a habit that is very hard to break. Why? Because you have reprogrammed your internal clock. First of all, you have set your body up to expect these brain chemicals to be released.  Just as when you get up in the morning and must have coffee or else you “don’t feel like yourself” or worse, get a headache. Therefore, your body wakes you up and says “it’s time for my feeding”.  Secondly, habits of their own accord release hormones at specific times of the day even when not involving food. These are our automatic behaviors, things you do without even thinking, like driving the same route home from work without even being fully conscious of what you are doing.  Think of a time when there was a traffic jam and you had to find a different route to your destination. It felt awkward didn’t it?  Especially if your GPS was insistent on taking you the usual way. “Make a u-turn, make a u-turn!”

Many people turn to other things beside food to cope and often are prescribed “anti-anxiety” medications such as Klonopin or Xanax or Ambien for sleep.  Medication can be a life-saving intervention for many afflictions and I am grateful that we have access to cutting-edge medicine in this country.  In this situation, medication should only be very temporary and used in conjunction with getting help to resolve the underlying issue for the insomnia or late night eating. There are also many natural ways to help with sleep such as meditation, music, massage, acupuncture, herbs, and warm baths, just to name a few. It may be an emotional issue but could also be a medical issue. I partner with physicians and allied health practitioners to ensure that our patients get optimal care to resolve the correct cause.

The good news is that you are not defenseless against programming.  You are programming yourself every single day with every thought you have.  The key is to become aware of what those thoughts are.  This takes training because we think between 40,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day.² And most of those thoughts are the same day after day.  That’s what causes the programming and acting on “automatic pilot” and what shapes your life. So if you want to change your life, you have to become aware of what thoughts you habitually think and change them to create the results you want.  A deeper dive into what is really “eating you” will allow you to address it and resolve it. Then you can learn to create new habits (new neuronal connections in the brain) that support your desired life and allow your weight to settle at a healthy new weight set point.

I have spent 25 years studying and working in the weight loss, psychology and health field and have developed a system that has made it possible for hundreds of clients to shed unwanted pounds and emerge as a new person physically and mentally.  Many had lost and regained tremendous amounts of weight several times before coming to me. Neuro Weight Loss Coaching was the solution. And so far, the success rate is 97% for my clients keeping the weight off permanently! (FYI: the national average success rate is 3%).

For example, when I met Sylvia, 54, she was doing a shake fast in a nationally known program.  She had lost 78 pounds…and gained back a hundred. She told me that this was her second time on that program and didn’t know how long she would last on it.  She tearfully told me that the last time she was on this deprivation diet, it all unraveled when, seemingly out of the blue, she was driving along and pulled into the mall and raided the food court. In the past, she had a personal chef and would still sabotage herself when she was alone. “Nothing has worked”, she told me.  My heart went out to her and I knew I could help her if she was ready.  I knew that she would end up in the same situation because the fasting programs as well as most other weight loss programs use willpower to try to get people to make permanent changes. and willpower is an exhaustible resource.  In other words, it’s usually temporary.  Moreover, Sylvia had not uncovered the thoughts that were causing her to be obese.

Because she was fearful of having the same result in the fasting program again, and rightfully so, she trusted me enough to enroll in my program.  Sylvia knew she had to do something different.  Within as little as a month she was thinking and feeling differently. And a smile had come over her face now instead of the stressed out expression she used to have.  She was no longer dependent on the shakes and was learning to eat like a naturally thin person.  After six months with me, she was not even thinking about the old behaviors that caused her to gain weight over and over again in the past. The weight dropped off her like a cascading waterfall. The techniques I used with her made her feel like “herself” when she was getting thinner.  In the past, she did not identify with herself as a thin person.  That all changed in our work together. Her final weight loss was all 100 pounds.  It has been over three years now. Her life looks totally different. She has the energy to be active and enjoys it. If she misses a day of exercise, she doesn’t “feel like herself”, and automatically she gets out and exercises the next day “like normal”. Gone are the feelings of guilt and  self-loathing, feeling like a failure or wanting to binge to “numb out”.

There have been so many positive changes in the lives of my clients ranging from women finally being able to become pregnant because they are no longer obese, to radically improved memory, pursuing a mission-driven career helping others to become naturally thin people and making the kind of money they know they deserve.

If you think this might be for you or someone you know, and would like to have a conversation to find out more, go to my calendar and choose a convenient time:

Until we speak, be kind to yourself.



¹Dr Ian Wilson, author of ‘1,000 Tips and Traps for the Worried Well’
²National Science Foundation, 2415 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia 22314


How to get Slim, Energized and Healthy and stay that way Without Depending on Willpower.

If you are  someone who is trying to get thin (again) how do you feel when you think about a social event you will be attending?  Do you try to figure out how you can lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks? Do you think about how you are going to feel because you are overweight and everyone else will be slim and able to wear what you wish you could wear and look fabulous?

Then do you think of the buffet and how delicious the food is at the venue?  How does that make you feel?  Are you going to eat before you go so you can just put a few things on your plate to convince people that you don’t eat that much?  Or will you raid the buffet and feel disgusted with yourself after?

Now imagine a different experience:    This time, when you receive the invitation you only feel happy and excited because you can wear whatever you want and you know you will look amazing.  You don’t have wonder what you will be able to fit into. You think of all the compliments you will get. You have more enthusiasm for everything in your life because your nutrition is better. You have none of the old troubling thoughts, no anxiety, no shame or guilt.  At the party, you now enjoy yourself and the company of others, you dance, you eat, and you have no desire to binge or eat sugary foods.

Does this sound like a fantasy?  It is a reality and the result for people just like you who complete the Neuro Weight Loss Coaching program.  You are a changed person now because your thoughts have changed so you do not have the same impulses or cravings.  Your focus is not on food, yet you still enjoy it. You have so much more mental clarity and mental resources to create the life you want that is everything you ever wanted but were too distracted before because you were thinking about food and your weight and all the negative feelings of failure and guilt. You have so much more physical energy now and feel lighter so you are able to keep up with your kids, have way more energy and fun in bed, and have made great new friends to do fun activities with

How is this possible? By changing your brain through easy, relaxing mental practices with the expertise of Sunnie Brooks, the creator of Neuro Weight Loss Coaching with over 25 years in the weight loss and psychology profession.  Sunnie has helped hundreds of people shed thousands of pounds.  And she can help you if you are ready to take control of your health, weight and happiness.

This proprietary program changes your thoughts, cravings, self-image and habits in a fun, relaxed way. You receive completely customized, one-on-one, daily personal support. There is no fear of failing when you immerse yourself in Neuro Weight Loss Coaching.  It is scientifically impossible. You can expect instant stress reduction – guaranteed, along with easy brain-body change, permanent weight loss and accelerated, increased energy.

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The Nobel Prize-winning Science-based Solution to Make Your Weight Loss Resolution a Reality

Are you making the same resolution that you made last year? Or the year before, or before that? If so, you are in the majority. Now let’s move beyond guilt and get to a solution to make your resolution a reality.

There is little point in being told what you already know. Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know the basics: cut sugar out of your diet, reduce fat, avoid processed foods and exercise more. But do you really know the nutritional values in what you are eating or the glycemic index of what you think is healthy? Do you have any idea how many calories you are consuming each day? Unless you have a customized meal plan that is designed by a conscious* nutritionist or you are so incredibly disciplined that you weigh and measure everything you consume, look up the nutritional value and record it at the time you are consuming it (tallying it at the end of the day has proven to be very inaccurate) you are flying blind. And do you really know which is better – cardio or weight training? That’s a trick question. And how much physical activity you have to do, the intensity and frequency to get the best results?

Let’s say you join a nationally recognized weight loss or fitness program or have a customized meal plan created for you and you join a gym, how compliant do you think you will be? How long will you be able to use willpower to sustain your new habits? And if you reach your goal, will you keep the weight off forever?

Perhaps you will be among the three (3%) percent of the population in this country that is successful at reaching your goal-weight and maintaining it for the rest of your life.

Why are these statistics so dismal? Two words: neuronal connections.

Watch this 2-minute “explainer” video here to understand why change is so hard and how Neuro Weight Loss Coaching makes“Weight Loss So Easy it will Blow Your Mind!”

Neuro Coaching, named after Neuroplasticity – the Nobel Prize winning discovery in neuroscience that proves we can change our brains in adulthood to live better lives. It is the key to easy and permanent weight loss. It does not matter how many times you have tried and failed in the past because you did not have this new science in your tool kit.

Schedule a consultation, please contact Sunnie Brooks at 561-386-1990 or email Website:

Glossary: *conscious nutritionist – referring to a nutritionist that has the depth of knowledge to design the healthiest, most energizing organic food plan for you and is not influenced by the USDA (the same government body that brought you aspartame) that publishes the “food pyramid” which supports big agra which merged with big-chem which originated in Hitler’s Germany for chemical warfare.

Suggested reading: Wheat Belly by best-selling author and cardiologist Dr. William Davis.

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Change Your Brain – Change Your Weight Radio Interview

Change Your Brain – Change Your Weight Radio Interview

I was a recent expert guest on the Health and Wellness segment of the All Business radio st Rob was excellent at capturing the genius of the Neuro Weight Loss Coaching program and how it is unlike anything you may have tried in the past and why it is scientifically impossible for you to fail! Click here to listen: Radio Interview

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Hurricanes and Your Waistline!

Hurricanes are the perfect storm for weight gain. If you are a sister Floridian, you know the drill: first, run around for a week preparing for loss of power. Then, skip workouts so you can stock up on non-perishables and spend hours in long lines waiting for water deliveries, banking,  gas, batteries and materials at Home Depot or Lowes.  And those “non-perishables” that authorities are advising you to buy are typically high fat, high sodium junk foods or canned foods,  and sugary items such as peanut butter and jelly.  So if you felt like you were going crazy, it was not only because you were trapped inside your home, getting perhaps too much family togetherness or that you lost your power and needed a flashlight just to go to the bathroom or that you were constantly sweating from the heat and humidity and didn’t have access to your electronics. Even without all of that, just the food you were consuming could cause unusual spikes in your glucose levels and blood pressure, along with constipation from low water content and fiber that you would get in fruits and veggies. Throw in withdrawals from the endorphins you normally get from exercise, fresh air and sunlight, and you have the perfect storm for weight gain and a brain that is producing stress hormones.

In my tip sheet: 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise, I explain how lack of restful sleep can cause weight gain.  In addition, not drinking enough water can cause your body to hold weight.   And the uncertainty of not knowing when you or anyone else will get their electricity back only fuels your anxiety and boredom which can trigger old patterns of using food as a crutch to cope. Past and present clients in the Neuro Weight Loss Coaching program have tools they can use to prevent backsliding into old habits under any conditions.

If you have dared to get on the scale since Irma, do not be too alarmed if you gained weight. A lot of it can be water weight because of the high sodium in the typical “non-perishable” foods. And dehydration can cause the body to hold water also, as a survival mechanism.

Moving forward, drink as much water as possible, get plenty of rest and be sure to get back to your normal workout or sports routine as quickly as possible. Just be sure to be gentle with yourself. We have all been through a traumatic event.

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Are You Ever on “Auto-Eat”?



Have you ever sat down in front of the TV or computer with a bag of chips or cookies and the next thing you know you are scraping the crumbs from the bottom of the bag? Did you taste the first one but don’t remember eating the rest of them?

We call this auto-pilot or in psychological terms: a fugue state. Like when you think you put the milk back in the fridge but you put it in the freezer or the cabinet without realizing it. If you lose things all the time, you are experiencing a lot of these fugue moments.

These are moments when you are not “present”. Your mind is consumed by something other than what you are doing and where you are and all the sensations that go along with attention on the present moment. This can happen when your mind perceives a problem and it keeps going over and over it trying to come up with a solution. Sometimes you keep replaying a conversation or argument you had with someone. Or perhaps your mind is planning the busy day ahead.

While moments like these are normal, too many of them can wreak havoc with your life from losing valuables, to getting into accidents to overeating on a regular basis, and even turning to food to “chew” on things in your mind. Some of my clients before enrolling in Neuro Weight Loss Coaching, would get up at night and sit at the table crunching on foods when feeling frustrated or angry or eat ice cream for its soothing texture if they were depressed or felt lonely.


There are ways to train your mind so that you are more aware, more focused, and more intentional in your actions. This state of awareness of your present experience is called Mindfulness.

When it comes to food, there are mindful eating practices which are helpful along with a daily practice of mindfulness meditation.


Your moments are richer and fuller and you do not feel like you are always in a rush. Your stress levels go down, and scientific data shows with regular practice, that it can lower heart rate, blood pressure, reduce anxiety and help manage chronic pain, just to name a few benefits.

And when it comes to eating, you feel like you have actually eaten something – because you have – and your mind and body are communicating with each other. And food tastes better! You feel full faster and you eat less.  Your digestion improves because you are not swallowing air and your food has a chance to be broken down by the enzymes in your mouth and stomach.


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Sunnie Brooks is the Founder and CEO of Neuro Weight Loss Coaching, LLC – an exclusive, groundbreaking program backed by the latest research in neuroscience that makes it easy for overweight individuals to change their habits by creating new neuronal connections to get thin, fit and healthy and stay that way without depending on willpower.


How to Make Affirmations Work

Some people might say “I tried affirmations but they didn’t work”. The problem is that most people are either never told how to use them properly or they do not follow through with consistency over time.

The theory behind using affirmations to accomplish a change in your life is that the mind is our computer and will create whatever we feed into it as programmers. Our thoughts affect everything in our life. For example, when you think worrisome or fearful thoughts your body may respond with shallow breaths, faster heart rate, sweating, shakiness, even nausea and vomiting or diarrhea. It does not matter whether the thing we fear is real or not, if we are thinking those thoughts strongly enough, then the body responds by releasing adrenaline to prepare us for fight or flight. If we have prolonged fear and worry, our body produces cortisol, a stress hormone that damages the body…and can even prevent some people from losing weight.


Before listening to the audio program that you will receive for free just for subscribing to (following) this blog, please keep in mind the following advice regarding the use of affirmations.

Key things to keep in mind to make affirmations work:

  • The statements must be stated in the positive (affirmative).
  • If you say I will not overeat, the brain focuses on “overeat” which is a much more powerful word than “not”. Therefore, it is better to say: “I eat only until I am almost full, then I stop eating. I feel satisfied by less food.”
  • Statements must be in the present, not the future. For example: I am slim, fit and healthy is much better than saying I will be slim, fit and healthy. Because the future tense means it has not happened yet and that is what you will get: something that has not happened yet.
  • Two of the most powerful words you can say are: I AM. Your whole being listens to the words I AM and will go about making that a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you say I am lazy, then guess what, you will have less energy. If you say I feel great or I feel more energy after I exercise, that is what you will get.
  • Do not let your mind, which is the gatekeeper of anything new or different, talk you out of your positive affirmations. Human nature, dislikes change, it fears what it may not be able to control such as something looming in the future. For survival reasons, humans tend to hang on to their present conditions because it is familiar and they have survived this far this way, even if those conditions are less than ideal.
  • Be aware of the little voice (or loud voice) of doubt, ridicule or fear that comes up when you state your affirmations. For example, in the beginning, when you say the affirmation, “I have a beautiful body” your critical mind might say “yeah right!” just smile and persevere with your affirmations.  Remember, you are training your brain in order to change your behaviors and shape your body. And all training requires REPETITION, CONSISTENCY AND PERSISTENCE.

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